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The "Magaly's Tamales and Mexican Grill" Family

I had the pleasure of visiting Magaly's Tamales and Mexican Grill in the heart of the city of San Fernando. With a large Latino community calling San Fernando "home", it was no surprise that I would find the most delicious authentic Mexican food I have ever tasted at this restaurant.

This restaurant is ran by Magaly and her husband Chris, who also welcome their children's involvement at the restaurant. Their two daughters and son are are valuable members of their staff at the restaurant, however, Magaly prides each of her employees and considers everyone at the restaurant "family." Additionally, Magaly's father, Jesús, sells produce at their mini farmer's market. There is not doubt "family" is a value shared by the San Fernando community, and this family restaurant surely embodies it.

This restaurant has played an important part in adding to the cultural livelihood of the San Fernando community. Magaly has demonstrated initiative in serving her community as prior to COVID-19 her restaurant has served as a venue for fundraisers for charity, karaoke, birthdays, and watch parties.

The vibrant energy in this restaurant flows through the kitchen, to the mini bar, and all the way to their open rooftop dining area. There is no doubt that the catalyst of this energy is Magaly herself, as her charisma and passion for running the restaurant not only helps cultivate an efficient environment but also a fun one!

Upon my visit to the restaurant I would try a variety of food and flavors that rank high above the taste of the "Mexican food" you would find in fast-food chain restaurants.

I started my visit with Magaly's famous Chicken Tamales that were soft and steamed to perfection. There was this simple richness to the tamale that is hard to describe but really easy to eat!

I asked Magaly what would be the best dish to try at their restaurant as there was simply too many delicious looking options on the menu for me to decide myself. She pointed to the "Torre De Mariscos," and I knew I would be in for a treat. The "Torre De Mariscos" translates to "Seafood Tower" and that's what it exactly is yet so much more.

The tower consisted of shrimps, carb, octopus, scallops, cucumber, onion, avocado, topped with their spicy salsa negra, and served with tostadas on the side. As a seafood enthusiast, this is one of the most interesting and delicious dishes I have ever tried. The seafood was very fresh and the shrimps were really succulent. The best way to describe this dish is a "Mexican poke bowl" that has this unique seafood flavor that no other dish can replicate.

We topped our meal off with this incredibly prepared signature French toast. The bread was fluffy and stuffed with cream cheese which just melted in your mouth. The berries were fresh and the whip cream was the perfect touch to this dessert. The combination of berries , sweet French toast, and whipped cream in a bite creates a delicious delight.

Overall, Magaly's Tamales and Mexican Grill is doing everything a restaurant should. The menu provides dozens of option and will fulfill any craving you need: authentic Mexican, seafood, breakfast, bar food, dessert? You name it, Magaly has it all.

Additionally, the excellence of this family restaurant is not only noticeable by its tasty creations, but by the culture it sets in it's own restaurant and contributes to it's local San Fernando community. Magaly and her family have consistently demonstrated their passion for serving the community though the food drives they participate in, the fundraisers they host, and the love that they put into their food.

If you are ever in the city of San Fernando or even several miles away, this restaurant is a must! A 10/10 experience served by the one and only, Magaly.

You can find them here:

Address: 134 N Maclay Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340 Phone: (818) 837-3524

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